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About Our Communication

Essential for residents or travellers of remote areas, investing in a UHF radio will ensure access to communication when you need it most.


About Our Batteries and Inverters

Audio Visual Security have a wide range of Navigation systems to suit most vehicles features including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Hema off road maps.


About Our Electric Brake Controllers

You can ensure your electric trailer brake controller will initiate safe, controlled braking when the time arises.


About Our Emergency Lighting

 LED lights can be paired with rotating beacons for flashing and rotating light that can be seen from far distances. Our Narva range of lighting can be used on 12V and 24V vehicles, while only drawing low energy.

Jobsite OH&S

About Our Jobsite OH&S

With the right accessories, complex fleet safety requirements become a breeze and leave more time for businesses to focus on the more important aspects of their organisation.

Keep Fleets Compliant and Safe with our 4WD Accessories

If your organisation relies on vehicles for its daily operations, you’ll know firsthand how tough overseeing fleet compliance can be. Managing these strict regulations can feel impossible at times – particularly if you’re part of a large organisation – but there are ways to make compliance simpler.

Many organisations find the best way to comply with legal fleet requirements is by introducing accessories that prioritise vehicle safety and offer simpler overall management. With the right accessories, complex fleet safety requirements become a breeze and leave more time for businesses to focus on the more important aspects of their organisation.

4WD accessories designed for fleet safety

Industries with complex legal and safety needs – such as construction, mining and logistics – are only as successful as their fleets, and in these industries applying the right accessories can often make all the difference.

In these industries, worksite success often hinges on being prepared for any possible issue – brake controllers prevent vehicles from rolling, reinforced emergency lighting provides worksites with complete visibility, and Jobsite OH&S accessories ensure compliance is a breeze.

Looking to make your fleet work for you?

If you’re looking to fit out your fleet to keep workers safe and your organisation compliant, Audio Visual Security are here to help.

If you have any questions at all related to fleet vehicle fit-outs, we’re just a phone call or email away – get in touch today and our experts will walk you through any fleet accessory queries you may have.

Streamlined fleet navigation

Although 4WD accessories are important for improving the safety of your fleet, they’re also invaluable when it comes to streamlining your operations. Whether you need navigation systems to help your fleet find quicker routes, UHF radios for easy communication over long distances or OEM switches to control all of your accessories, it’s easy to see how fitting your fleet out in the right way can save you significant amounts of time and money in the long run.

If you’re instead looking to get more out of your fleet by understanding how it operates, GPS tracking is a fantastic way of monitoring and recording the whereabouts of your vehicles. Accurate GPS monitoring allows you to develop a much better understanding of how your vehicles tackle daily operations, and new learnings can then be skilfully applied to improve scheduling, routes and regulatory requirements.