Buy Hema Maps Navigation Systems in Melbourne

Where ever you want to go, Hema Maps is the Navigation System to get you there

For 4WD, camping and caravaning enthusiasts alike, Hema Maps is a sure-fire way to navigate you around Australia safely. With 40,000 points of interest, you can use Hema Maps multi-scale topographic mapping, to guide you through any terrain. Hema Maps team have GPS mapped over 690,000 kilometres of tracks and 545,000 kilometres of unsealed roads, so you can be sure that your unique holiday can be found.

Planning your road trip with Hema Maps

When travelling, Hema Maps can be used both on and offline to find important landmarks such as petrol, food, toilets and even campsites! When you hit the city roads, don’t get caught up in traffic. Hema Maps can also provide you with Quick Routing, taking the guesswork out of finding the best roads to take without the obstacles of traffic or road accidents.

For our 4WD enthusiasts, the Hema Explorer map features an entire database of hidden gems including off-road and 4WD tracks, taking you to places around Australia you might have never seen before. This includes all of Hema’s regional maps, which feature Cape York, Fraser Island and the Kimberley’s just to name a few. The terrain mapping will be an additional guide to ensure you are well prepared for the terrain and elevations ahead.

Along the way, you can save your favourite tracks, geotag photos and add trip notes to your trips to the Hema Explora Cloud. And finally, when your journey has ended you can share your trip with friends. You can post your trip, photos and all of its data into a gallery and share them online for others to experience too!

How do I get Hema Maps?

Hema Maps is unique to our Alpine Hema Navigation Models. Our navigation systems can be fit seamlessly with a number of car makes and models using Alpines custom made design. Not to mention, the system can also be integrated with a number of other car accessories that Audio Visual Security has on offer. The display can be used with your reverse camera or used for multimedia use with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. When you hop out of the car and take navigation on foot, Hema Maps can be accessed from the smartphone app too. No matter where you are on-road or on foot, Hema Maps will be the right-hand man you need to get you where you need to go.

Have a question? Ask us.

If you have any questions about your car’s entertainment or navigation system, you can reach out to our team at Audio Visual Security. We have over 25 years’ experience in the automotive electronics industry and have a passion for vehicles and their accessories.

For all product sales and installations, we are conveniently located in Brunswick where we can recommend a product that’s right for you. We’re open Monday through to Friday 8.30am to 5pm, where our staff will be there to assist with your fitout.