About our car security products

Each year in Victoria almost 20,000 cars get stolen. Surprisingly of this number, half of them were taken from peoples homes, closely followed by car parks. Installing a car alarm, dashcam and Gps Tracker can be the perfect solution to protecting your car and ensuring it doesn’t get stolen. Audio Visual Security have many security solutions available to protect your asset.

Dash Cameras and Car Safety

Our Thinkware Dash Cams are considered as CCTV for your car. With front and rear recording available, there’s not much the dashcam won’t pick up. The built-in GPS can give you the exact location, speed, time and date of each part of your captured journey. Footage can be used for police reports, and your insurance company may like it too! To access the footage, you can use Wifi connectivity to connect your dashcam to your smart phone and view footage using the THINKWARE smartphone app or simply remove the SD card from the unit and view the footage from your PC or laptop.

When it comes to driving, the Thinkware dash cam has multiple driving aids built in, such as lane departure, collision warning, and even speed and red light camera warning. With all of this information available, a dash camera is perfect for protecting your innocence in the case you need to prove who’s stolen your car and show what has occurred in an incident.

Car Alarms and Vehicle Tracking

Of all the reasons car theft occurs, having your keys stolen from your home is the largest. This is why you should ensure that both your home and car are secure. We have a range of home security systems  and car alarms to ensure that your thief is caught before they get away with your keys. Our Viper Car Alarms, also features anti-hot wiring, shock sensor and immobilisation to ensure that power is cut before the engine is started.

Taking technology a step further, our Viper VSQ500 vehicle tracking system allows you to pinpoint your vehicle’s location, lock and unlock the doors, arm/disarm your car alarm from anywhere in the world. Using just an app, you can even check the speed of your car and read alerts on how it is being driven.

If you have any questions about the security of your car, you can reach out to our team at Audio Visual Security. We have over 25 years’ experience in the automotive electronics industry and have a passion for vehicles and their security.

For all product sales and installations, we are conveniently located in Brunswick where we can recommend a product that’s right for you. We’re open Monday through to Friday 8.30am to 5pm, where our staff will be there to assist with your fitout.