Fleet Vehicle Accessories and Fitouts

Vehicles entering into worksites across Victoria must meet a number of safety requirements. Our team at Audio Visual Security have assisted several vehicle fleets with the provision of products and accessory fit-outs to ensure the cars are kept compliant. Tradesmen who are new to the industry may not know where to look, so we have created a list of products that you need to consider for fleet vehicle compliance. Along with built-in car requirements such as airbags, cargo barriers and braking systems here are additional items you are recommended to have:

Handbrake Alarm

Keeping your fellow workers around you safe is an important part of your fleet vehicle requirements. One aspect of this is ensuring your vehicle remains stationary as you exit the vehicle. The Redarc Handbrake Alarm, monitors the handbrake and drivers door pin switch to ensure the handbrake is on when you exit. If the system detects that the handbrake is off, an alarm will sound once you open the door alerting you to engage the handbrake.

Audio Visual Security | Integrated Car Cameras

Reverse Camera and reverse warning beeper

A worksite can have many obstacles, objects and people that may be behind you and out of your vision when reversing. Our reverse camera range can be displayed through your existing radio/navigation screen that will display a clear image of the area behind your vehicle. Similarly, as you reverse you will need to let people around you know that you are moving. To ensure the team’s safety, an audible sound must be activated when you engage into reverse. This is a requirement that can be easily sorted with our reverse beeper or squawker.


Whether in a large quarry or working at night your car must remain visible at all times. Our fleet vehicle range of accessories combines LED lighting and beacons, with flags and high visibility tape. LED lights can be paired with rotating beacons for flashing and rotating light that can be seen from far distances. Our Narva range of lighting can be used on 12V and 24V vehicles, while only drawing low energy.  If your vehicle is in the distance of workers and large trucks, a safety flag can be used to reach even further heights and be noticed from further distances.


Finally, communication is important to keep your team connected and updated. Our Uniden and GME range of UHFS’s can keep you connected in even the most remote of locations. With a large LCD display, the UHF radio can be used for cars, 4WDs and trucks. If you need to recall information, you can replay up to one minute of dialogue to ensure that important information is not missed. (only available with the Uniden UH9060)

If you have any questions about the fleet vehicle requirements of your car, you can reach out to our team at Audio Visual Security. We have over 25 years’ experience in the automotive electronics industry and have a passion for vehicles and their security.

For all product sales and installations, we are conveniently located in Brunswick  where we can recommend a product that’s right for you. We’re open Monday through to Friday 8.30am to 5pm, where our staff will be there to assist with your fitout.